CBD Pets

– create your own line of CBD products for dogs, cats, and even horses

Pet CBD Tinctures


Although the research on how CBD helps animals isn’t as extensive as with humans, Pet CBD Tinctures continue to rise as a solution to assist pet owners. More and more pet owners are experimenting with CBD as a supplement for their pets.

Separation anxiety is so common in pets that it is thought to affect about 15% of our domesticated friends. In fact, thousands of users search “how to make my dog less anxious” in Google daily, suggesting that it is a popular concern amongst pet owners.

We can supply small or large inventory at affordable pricing, and
offer low MOQ’s.

Available in:

  • Isolate
  • Full Spectrum


  • 150mg
  • 250mg
  • 500mg
  • 1000mg
  • 1500mg
  • 2000mg
  • 2500mg


  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Salmon

Bottle Type

  • 30ml Glass
    • Clear
    • Matte Black
    • Amber
  • 30ml Stubby Plastic
    • Clear
    • Translucent Black

Other Custom CBD Animal Products

We can create any targeted CBD product for nearly any animal. Some of the lines we’ve helped create for different companies include:

  • Hemp Infused Feed for Horses
  • CBD Bones for Dogs
  • CBD Dog Biscuits
  • CBD Animal Treats
  • CBD Catnip
  • Animal Friendly CBD Ointment
  • Animal Friendly CBD Capsules
  • CBD Nose or Paw Balm
  • CBD Flavorless Powder

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