Private label CBD products –

create & sell your brand

We can create a variety of products, from (but not limited to):

Canazil has been private labeling CBD oil for over 10 years and have succeeded in making the process creative, convenient and profitable. Our private label services are turnkey, so your only job is to place products on your shelves and market them to customers.

We offer our clients the opportunity to curate their own CBD product, using only high quality, natural, THC free ingredients. Our skilled chemists make sure to collaborate directly with you throughout the process to make sure that you receive a product that supports your vision. All of our products are developed in a certified cleanroom. We make it a priority to create CBD products in a safe and regulated environment.

Branding & Labeling

What’s another great thing about choosing Canazil for your new venture? You get more than just a quality product. You get a team of talented brand architects that create concepts and designs that capture the hearts and minds of consumers. With extensive market research knowledge by their side, our brand design team understands how to speak to your target demographic through dynamic visuals and cleverly communicated messages.

Label design and branding is an important component in the marketing of your CBD oil. Our talented in-house graphic designers are well versed in all areas of label design. They can take your brand vision and execute stunning results, or they can work with the original artwork you have provided. Once the design is completed and confirmed by you, we will promptly print and label your bottles.

Let our design team do the work

No logo or artwork? That’s okay. Each of our designers come armed with the necessary tools and expertise to create an impactful brand. All you need to do is provide us with your brand name and examples of brands you like.

Lean on our experience

Our designers know how to present more than just a visually appealing design. They know how to create an overall consistent brand that speaks to your customers, including custom labels with graphics that catch eyes and sell sell sell.

To complete your product, we offer a variety of packaging options. Our warehouse holds thousands of bottles, tops and droppers in all sizes and colors for your private label packaging needs. Your CBD product is completely customizable from start to finish!

Our team understands the importance of forming a partnership with a trusted private label manufacturer that helps position your private label CBD line for success. As trusted leaders in the industry, we are prepared and eager to take on your product line.

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Partner with Canazil, a leading CBD manufacturer in the USA. Canazil is equipped to deliver CBD orders with a 5,000,000 bottle/month capacity. Contact us to learn how Canazil CBD can diversify your product line and boost your profit margins.