Our Promise

Our Standards, Promises and Process


Our Standards for Quality Customer Service

We ensure that our clients are well informed and updated on an ongoing basis, from preorder to shipping. Our promise is to follow up on each step of the process, and provide guidance whenever needed. Through this standard, we strive to bring our clients a transparent and enjoyable experience.

Our Promise for a Quality Product

Our products are made with the finest ingredients, made certain through quality check points from seed to final product.

From Our Supply Chain

Our plants are selectively chosen based on their high cannabinol and low THC content. Their seeds are planted and then grown with simple organic principles: no pesticides, no herbicides. When the plant matures, the CBD is extracted with ethanol to ensure high CBD content. Afterwards, the CBD is distilled one or two more times to further ensure purity.
A CO² extraction process is used for select products.

From Our Lab

Using only premium quality ingredients, our talented chemists experiment with different flavors and fragrances to produce truly unique CBD applications. Our CBD products are developed in an ISO 9 certified laboratory. Our laboratory is properly cleaned and maintained according to federal and state safety laws and procedures.

From Our Brand Architects

Our team of CBD brand gurus have the experience, creativity and know-how to understand what type of aesthetics and marketing messaging will help make your brand stand out to CBD consumers. Our designers ensure impactful designs based off of our rigorous market research.

From Production & Shipping

All of our products are produced with the greatest attention to detail and monitored via quality control checks throughout the production process. Our quality control measures ensure that any defects are found immediately and discarded and/or adjusted.

Our shipping department carefully handles orders prior to shipment. We pay special attention to the way your order is shipped and use quality materials to lessen the chance of deterioration during shipping. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no damage incurred from postage. If there is any damage, please contact us to rectify.