Full Spectrum vs Isolate

Full Spectrum Isolate
  • Full Spectrum facilitates the entourage effect by allowing all cannabinoid compounds to work together, resulting in all the benefits of CBD being retained.
  • Full Spectrum includes all of the plant matter, thereby giving the product a full range of most (if not all) cannabinoids available.
  • Full Spectrum is the best choice for consumers looking to use CBD for general medicinal purposes.
  • Full spectrum CBD will affect more than one cluster of CB receptors.
  • Isolate is used to evoke specific effects and eradicate specific symptoms. For example, an isolate designed to work on the CB1 receptor may provide sedation to the central nervous system only, whereas an isolate that binds to the CB2 receptors may only reduce inflammation in areas like the spleen.
  • Isolate is a great way to make a CBD line focused on providing specific relief to a specific symptom.
  • Isolates treat specific symptoms at higher concentrations of CBD, which is great in treating severe symptoms.
  • Taking isolates with full spectrum CBD can overwhelm specific CB receptors.