Choose Canazil as your CBD distributor –

and access thousands of store shelves instantly

Distributing your CBD oil gives your brand the opportunity for massive growth. The CBD industry is large and growing, so you’ll need an experienced distributor to aggressively push your product. By working with us at Canazil, you’ll have access to our distribution network of over 23,000 shops nationwide.

Our customer service representatives have strong relationships with business owners across the nation, and a proficient understanding of the cannabidiol industry. They do more than just get your product onto any shelf. Our dedicated sales team performs market testing and evaluation to ensure that your product will be highly successful in each shop it’s placed in.

As our team distributes your CBD oil, you’ll gain insight on feedback from thousands of buyers. We use innovative software and technology to monitor and track the success of your product in each store. Your assigned account executive will be in constant contact with you directly, so you’ll never have to worry about your account being less than a priority.

By partnering with Canazil as your CBD oil distributor, you can expect to see your sales skyrocket and your brand recognition soar. Are you ready for massive growth?

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